Tools #2

Are your business systems fit for purpose?

When we talk about Tools in the STAR Program, we are referring to any software that you use in your business to manage processes and meet customer requirements. This could be software for managing your accounting, customer relationships, jobs, stock, etc. The list of possible solutions is almost endless. Xero proudly states that over 700 apps connect to their software!
Have you reviewed the software you use in your business in the last year?
Do you have more than one system to manage your operations? Do these systems integrate or do you double handle information? And even if they do integrate are you confident that the two systems are in sync?
Do your staff know how to get the most productivity out of them? Systems often grow organically, and their inadequacies become accepted as the norm.
It doesn’t have to be this way!
Empower Business can help you review your systems, assess their usability in your organisation and help you to specify your functional requirements if you think you may need a new solution.

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