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Increase your net income year after year

Grow the value of your business asset

It is very important to focus on both of these objectives every day. However, to do this and achieve your goals in your required timeframe requires a co-ordinated approach that balances all aspects of your business.

To help you keep your business moving forward, and achieve your targets, we have developed the STAR Program.
Our program is designed to deliver specific key benefits to your business by linking your plans and operations so you can implement a continuous cycle of improvement throughout your business.

Your business is an income-generating asset. Look after it!

Your business is an investment. Not just a job

You WILL exit your business! Do you have a plan?

The future starts tomorrow. Is your business ready?

Do you wish you had a clear vision for your business and how to achieve your goals?

Imagine if you had a well thought out and documented roadmap for your business that helped you achieve your objectives quicker.
Now imagine if your business could run without you some of the time!

A properly developed and documented strategy or roadmap will underpin all of the activities of your business and will be a continuous reference point for you and your management team.

Working with us, you will learn how to develop your vision for your business so you know exactly where your business is heading.

Do you wish your business used systems designed for your type of business that were easy to use, and reduced your costs of operation?

Imagine if you had a fully systemised business that made you and your team more productive each day.

Having the right systems for your business that save you time, reduce errors and provide a better customer experience is key to reducing costs and increasing sales.

Our knowledge of business and accounting systems, and the SME business environment means we can help you to implement and use the systems best suited for your business.

Do you wish you had better processes in your business so you could spend more time to growing and developing your business and less time dealing with problems?

Imagine if you had properly documented policies and procedures that linked to your systems, so that your business was less dependent on specific members of staff.

Even if you have the right systems for your business, it is  important that your staff are trained in their use and they know how they integrate with your policies and procedures.

It is a considerable risk to your business if your staff have valuable information about  your business operations that will be lost to you  when they leave your business.  This results in additional costs in training replacement staff, potential loss of income and a reduction in the value of the business.

We help businesses to define and agree their policies and procedures and then retain that knowledge in the business using knowledge management systems.

Do you wish you knew how well your business is doing month to month?

Imagine if you had easy to understand information that explains how well your business is performing.  Giving you the ability to recognise sales opportunities, reduce costs, and improve your bottom line – sooner rather than later!

Regular, consistent and accurate information is a key driver to any business, but one that is often too hard, or too time consuming to produce.

We help business owners to unlock the valuable information contained in their systems so they can  sell more, reduce costs and make more money!