Do you want to reduce your stock on hand balance but still meet your customers requirements?

Call us for advice on how to manage your stock more effectively and put money back in the bank.

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Do you think your business should be more profitable and efficient than it is?

Maybe you have a hunch that you – and your staff – could be working more efficiently.

And that there’s more profit potential in the business – yet, somehow, it’s just out of your grasp?

Or perhaps you’re battling with old software that’s hindering your productivity. But you don’t know how to change over to a better, more modern solution, without losing all your data.

We can help you with those challenges. And you’ll find that Empower Business is different to other business consultants. As well as giving you the advice on how to improve your business, we’ll actually roll up our sleeves and work alongside you to achieve your goals.

In practical terms, that might mean our business consultant could:

  • Unravel your accounts.
  • Identify efficiency gains and remodel your business processes.
  • Systemise your business.
  • Set up software, app integrations, and system migrations.
  • Provide staff training and support.
  • Strategy development and implementation.
  • Set up KPI reporting so you have the numbers you need at your fingertips for informed decision making. 

Our capabilities & specialisation areas

Management Accounting

  • Effective decision-making
  • Software setup & app integrations
  • Staff training & support

Business Process Re-engineering

  • Capture your business knowledge
  • Identify efficiency gains
  • Business systemisation

Exit Strategy

  • Strategy development
  • Maximise the value of your business
  • Create a turnkey operation

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