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Our innovative STAR Program covers all aspects of running a business.  From strategy, systems and processes, through to understanding how well your business is performing.

Running a small business can be lonely, lots of hard work, and stressful.  By following our program, we will support you and your team to focus on the key things that will make your business successful.

Our approach is to partner with you to deliver effective change to your business at a price you can afford.  Working together, we can make your business more profitable and more valuable and help you achieve your business vision.

Here are several common issues Business Owners experience:

Business Owner Concerns

Our Solution

How it Benefits You

"My business is not achieving its potential for profitability and growth."

We work with you to understand your vision for the business and develop an appropriate plan. Together, we review the plan monthly against performance and revise as required.
You will have a business strategy that will form the backbone of your business. So you stay focused on achieving your vision.

"I am spending too much time in my business, away from home and family."

We help you to put in place a "best practice" approach for your operations.  Using cost-effective software solutions your operations will be more consistent, timely and effective.

You will improve the return on your systems investment. Your business will be more efficient and you will spend less time on admin and unimportant tasks.

"I rely on one or two key staff to help me run my business.I worry what would happen if they left or were unavailable at short notice".

We help you streamline your processes and store them in a dynamic knowledgebase. You can then be confident that you will always know what everyone in your business does!

A business knowledge base that will repay you each day and have significant value when you come to sell your business.

"My personal productivity is not good enough achieve my business objectives."

We help you to understand where you are spending your time. Re-focusing you on the tasks that will add value to your business.

Improved time management will reduce your stress levels. Giving you more time to work on the things that add value to your business.

"My business is making a profit but I never seem to have any cash!"

Using improved policies and procedures we will enable you to hold on to more of your own cash and spend less time managing it.

An improved cash position will give you the funds to grow your business.

What We Do

We become a pro-active member of your management team. We bring objective and creative solutions to your situation.

We meet with you on a regular basis to put into practice the changes required to move your business forward.

We tailor the program to your specific requirements.  You can then focus on the key aspects of your business that you wish to change.

Accountability is crucial to the success your the program.   We manage your change project by documenting all decisions, plans and actions, to keep you on track.

The First Step

We like to get to know you and your business. We will arrange a free, no obligation, meeting with you, either in person or online.  During the confidential meeting, we will discuss your concerns, objectives, and business vision.

We will provide you with a detailed report with some initial solutions and advice.  The report will be the first step to achieving your vision. The report is yours to keep, even if you decide not to proceed.

Our Promise:

We will bring structure and efficiency to your business so you can concentrate on building a valuable asset for you and your family.