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Empower Business advisors work with manufacturing, trades, retail, service businesses, and not-for-profits throughout Northland.

One thing our customers have in common is that they’re committed and motivated to making positive changes in their business.

Here are some of the common scenarios we can help you with:

Business Owner Concerns

Our Solution

How it Benefits You

"My business is not achieving its potential for profitability and growth."

Our business advisors work with you to understand your vision for your business and develop an appropriate business development strategy. Together, we’ll review the plan monthly against performance, and revise as required. 

You will have a business strategy that will form the backbone of your business. So you stay focused on achieving your vision.

"I am spending too much time in my business, away from home and family."

We help you put in place a ‘best practice’ approach for your operations. Using cost-effective software solutions, your operation will be more consistent, timely and effective.

Your business will be more efficient and you will spend less time on admin and unimportant tasks.

"I rely on one or two key staff to help me run my business.I worry what would happen if they left or were unavailable at short notice".

We help you streamline your processes and store them in a dynamic knowledgebase. You can then be confident that you will always know what everyone in your business does!

A business knowledge base that will repay you each day and have significant value when you come to sell your business.

"My personal productivity is not good enough achieve my business objectives."

Our business advisors will help you understand where you’re spending your time and re-focus you on the tasks that’ll add value to your business. 

Improved time management will reduce your stress levels. And you’ll have more time to work on the things that add value to your business. 

"My business is making a profit but I never seem to have any cash!"

We’ll analyse your cashflow management, and implement policies and procedures so you can hold onto more of your cash – and spend less time managing it.

Improved cashflow management and cash position will give you the funds to grow your business

“I’d like to get a better understanding of the numbers that drive my business, but I don’t know where to start.”

We get it – numbers can be daunting. So we’ll work with you to identify the most essential key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business, and create easy systems and tools to help you with KPI measurement. 

Having suitable KPI reporting at your fingertips lets you know exactly what’s happening in your business right now. Giving you the confidence to make the right decisions to grow your business. 

“I need to increase sales.”

Our business advisors will provide you with tools to help you keep track of existing customers and new enquiries, to ensure that no opportunities get missed or forgotten. We’ll also work with you to fine tune your sales process.

Software tools make it easy to track every customer and prospect, so no opportunities are missed. Making the most of your existing leads and customers is the best value-for-money when it comes to increasing sales.

“I’d like to sell my business at some stage, but don’t know how to get the best price for it.”

Business succession planning and exit planning is about (a) solid reports and accounts, and (b) creating a turnkey operation that makes it easy for a new owner to step in and take over. Our management accounting services help with the numbers side of things. Plus our business advisors can use business process reengineering tools to systemise your business so it’s easy to manage. 

Increasing the value of your business is central to a solid exit strategy: we can help you with all aspects of this, so you get the best price for all your hard work.

As you can see in the scenarios above, our business advisors don’t just tell you what you need to do – we actually get stuck in and do the work.

Do you need hands-on help improving your business?

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“We have owned our business for seven years and about a year ago decided we wanted to improve our business systems and operating procedures. With Trevor’s expert advice we quickly implemented a great business management system that gives us much a better insight into how our business is performing on a monthly and annual basis. Trevor is very patient with us (!) and gives us lots of ideas on how to increase our income and keep our costs down.”  

Sophie Degerholm, Keri Pumps & Irrigation Plus, Kerikeri, Northland