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Introducing our new strategic planning expert: Stephanus Duvenage

Stephanus Duvenage

Strategy, Planning & Transformation

Stephanus Duvenage - Strategy, Planning & Transformation

Introducing the newest member of the Empower Business team: Stephanus Duvenage, our strategic planning and transformational change expert.

Stephanus’ years as General Manager of a publicly-traded company, as well as holding other international executive senior leadership positions, mean that he’s well placed to grow your business to the next level. He has proven capabilities in transformational change management and business growth. He achieved exemplary business results by implementing business strategies to reverse declining profits into business growth.

Business expertise + team development

Stephanus’ strategic expertise also covers sales and marketing, talent development, regulatory and corporate affairs, security, and factory operations. In other words, he knows all the ins and outs of running a successful business.

However, you can’t have a successful business without skilled and motivated people, and Stephanus is skilled in that area too. He has strong mentoring and coaching skills, and has a record of building and motivating highly productive and effective teams.

Stephanus is well versed with the NZ business landscape: he’s been in New Zealand for 11 years, and has worked with small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporates. His approach and skills are relevant to all businesses with a passion for growth and excellence.

How can you benefit from our strategic planning expert?

Stephanus can provide strategic expertise to businesses throughout New Zealand. He’ll work with you to review and analyse where your business is at right now – and then identify opportunities for improvement. From there, he’ll assist you in developing the necessary strategic plans relevant to your business and set measurable objectives. He’ll then work with you and your team to convert those business objectives into tangible results. Read more about business strategy.

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