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Connected Working

Short Term Thinking

After working with many businesses over a number of years, it became apparent to us that many business owners and their staff were focussing only on specific parts of their business and not viewing their business as a whole.

This often resulted in business owners having only a short-term view of their business, and no long-term strategic view.

Without spending time on their business at regular intervals, they were often fire-fighting problems, working inefficiently, and worst of all not achieving the potential within their business.  

Our Solution

To overcome these issues, and to provide a simple framework for business owners to follow, we developed The STAR Cycle.  The STAR Cycle is a business methodology that ensures each aspect of running a business is managed as part of a whole and aligned with the strategy.

In simple terms, a strategy must be developed and implemented, the systems must be able to support the strategy, the day-to-day activity must be run as efficiently as possible, and the results of the activity must be measured and compared to the strategy.   

Once the model is incorporated into a business' operations, the business starts to 'make sense' and can move forward to effectively achieve its objectives.