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Do your business processes exist only in employees’ heads?

Not documenting business processes can impact the value of your business when you sell it. Here’s how to change this – easily.

Not documenting business processes can impact the value of your business when you sell it. Here’s how to change this – easily.

Be honest: how much of the nitty-gritty information about running your business is in your – or your employees’ – heads, and not written down anywhere?

A lack of documented business processes is an issue we encounter frequently when we start working with our clients, and it can create all manner of problems further down the track

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Examples of problems caused by not having business processes written down

Recruitment issues:
On-boarding new recruits is more difficult without a procedures document – especially when there’s no handover period. So the new person has to spend precious time just finding out what their job is, and how to do it. What a waste of time that is!

Inconsistent customer service: A lack of formalised procedures can also mean that different employees work differently – which is a particular problem if they’re in a customer-facing role. It creates an inconsistent customer service experience, which can affect the perception of your business and your brand in the marketplace.

Business exit plans: Not having processes documented is a big problem when you come to sell your business, and it can diminish the value of your business. A turnkey operation, where new owners can easily step in and know what to do, because it’s all documented, can actually add financial value to your business, and helps makes it more sellable.

What if your processes are documented, but on someone’s PC?

In the instances where business processes are documented, they’re on someone’s PC or laptop. The problem with that is, that in many cases, no one knows they’re saved there.

Even if the document is in a shared folder, it’s common for team members not to realise the document is there, and it doesn’t get updated. And eventually it becomes redundant.

What’s the better way to document your business processes?

The best-practice method is to use cloud-based business process software that allows:

  • Structured documents to be easily created, with drag and drop elements.
  • Collaborative workflows, with tasks and checklists assigned to team members.
  • Easy monitoring via a dashboard, complete with notifications when tasks are completed.

This type of dynamic, interactive tool becomes a central part of the business processes. It’s part of the process, rather than a historic document of the process.

The business process software we use is action oriented, elegant, efficient, and simple to use.

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