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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Do you ever wonder where your business will be in 2-3 years?

We all like to think it will be more profitable and valuable.  But if you don't take steps now to put into place strategic actions that will drive change in your business, then your business will look pretty similar to what it does now.

If you are looking to sell your business in the next few years, then you may get a nasty surprise when you obtain a valuation that is much lower than you hoped.

So rather than accept the status quo, take action now!  Review your business by doing a SWOT analysis, document the results and implement a plan to exploit the strengths and opportunities and address the weaknesses and threats.  Without an effective plan, your business is like a rudderless ship, being taken where the currents and winds push you, maybe even onto the rocks.

The trouble is when you are so close to the business it can be difficult to be objective about it and to think about how to improve it.

Often an objective outsider can help you assess your current situation, formalise your ambitions and set a strategy to get your business where you want it to be.

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Author: Trevor Huett