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Get your business finances under control with these packages from our management accountant

A management accountant is not the same as a regular accountant!

Yes, we can help you with your weekly and monthly accounting needs. But the real power of a management accountant is when you engage us to help with your systems and reporting.

For example, if you have the following challenges, then you’d definitely benefit from having a management accountant working with you:

  • Cash problems: Not sure if you can afford that extra stock or new equipment?
  • Paying yourself: Is there rarely enough in the business for you to pay your own salary?
  • Job costing: Are you sure you’re charging the right amount? Is your pricing structure correct?
  • Reports: No clue what all the numbers mean in your accounting system?
  • Systems problems: Is your inventory, accounting, job costing, or other software cumbersome – but you don’t know what to do about it?
  • Staff: Do your staff need training on computer systems or internal processes?
  • Saving time/money: Looking to work more efficiently?

What’s the difference between a regular accountant and a management accountant?

A regular accountant (known as a financial accountant) is there to provide necessary information to third parties, such as the IRD, or banks. In all honesty, it’s not particularly helpful or timely to you, the business owner, for your decision making. But it’s necessary for compliance.

A management accountant is a lot more useful, as their role is to provide information to you, the business owner. Timely, relevant information that can help you with your strategic and everyday decision making.

This strategic management accounting gives you the kind of knowledge that will help grow your business, and make it more profitable and efficient. Woohoo!

Management accounting services and packages:

Empower can help you with your regular accounting as well as your management accounting needs. Or if you’ve already got a financial accountant and bookkeeper you’re happy with, that’s fine, we can just work on the management accounting side of things:

Financial Accounting Services

If you’ve already got an accountant or bookkeeper, that’s great. Otherwise we can help where there are gaps.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Monthly reconciliations review
  • Monthly reporting
  • GST
  • Payroll processing
  • Troubleshooting/client support
  • Job costing
  • Cash management.

How it works: We’d be working with you every week, and invoice you monthly.

Management Accounting Services

Choose only the services you need – we can create a monthly package to suit your business requirements.

  • Cash forecasting
  • Process/workflow development
  • Monthly dashboards
  • Providing a narrative to reports
  • Accounting systems training
  • Other systems training: inventory management, POS, ERP, and more.
  • Systems upgrades
  • Annual year-end alignment journal
  • Strategy/business support.

How it works: We’d be working with you every month, and invoice you monthly.

Add-on projects:

  • System evaluation
  • New system specification
  • Systems implementation
  • Other ad-hoc projects and special reporting.

Let’s talk, and we’ll put a custom package together for you.

"We have owned our business for seven years and about a year ago decided we wanted to improve our business systems and operating procedures. With Trevor’s expert advice we quickly implemented a great business management system that gives us much a better insight into how our business is performing on a monthly and annual basis. Trevor is very patient with us (!) and gives us lots of ideas on how to increase our income and keep our costs down."

 - Sophie Degerholm, Keri Pumps & Irrigation

Meet your management accountant in Kerikeri and Northland

Trevor Huett is a Qualified Accountant and Certified Management Accountant who uses his financial skills to bring strategic management accounting to businesses around Northland. He thrives on helping businesses owners getting maximum profitability and efficiency out of their businesses.